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Being Polished

I grew up in a home where there was parent child conflict on trying to follow the "look" of the time. I got my haircut and ringlet perm regularly. (A stinky mess) My mom faithfully made me clothes and I wore tie shoes when it seemed like everyone else was wearing cool penny loafers. The mini skirt fashion in highschool was lectured as not practical for me. Jewelry was considered an extra expense.

When I prepared for my son's wedding, I decided to get a colorful manicure. I am used to nail polish that may need a touch up very soon after it has been applied. I was talked into gel. It would last me a month and really look good! That sounded like a good investment. It beautifully lasted four weeks but there was a price to pay. I had to go back to the salon to get it taken off! My nail polish remover would not put a dent in it. After I had it all sanded off with a "mini grinder", my nails were paper thin in places. Four months later, they are finally grown out and I peeled off the last little thread of nail at the top of my middle finger. Ahhh, back to normal.

Lipstick is another story. Perhaps time shouldn't be a big thing, but if I decide to make myself look brighter and more feminine, I have to apply it every 15 or 20 minutes. I don't know why. Maybe it dulls from the way I wet my lips. Why apply it at all?

What about underclothing? How can I say this? It is supposed to be a good strong base under my clothing to make me look good. Things that can tighten and tuck and pull and creep. I'm so glad garters went out of style when I was very young.

Oh, and then there are shoes. OK. OK. I'll stick with the one level round toed ones with a strong sole and arch. Honestly, I would like to wear dainty shoes or heels but it is perilous and hurtful.

It IS fun and rewarding to be a woman. Outer beauty is OK. Inner beauty is what is precious.