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In One Swoop

There is a lot to be fixed. Let’s reach the multitudes – in one swoop. Make a speech. Throw in some money. Fix it. Preach to the masses. Order some meds. Eliminate all that’s bad. Pour on what we think is good. Set some lofty goals and start another program.

I am a part of a movement to make Muncie better. We all are, by default. It is slow but deliberate. Goals are set. There are no shortcuts. Over the past few years there has been intentional development and education for Neighborhood association members. I.D.E.A. for short. The recent all-city conference met to participate, listen learn, and lead. Neighborhood Associations are growing, slow but sure. These sectors make up the bigger picture. I live in a house, but I also live in a neighborhood, which relates to the city and ultimately to the world. When we have healthy neighborhoods, we have a healthy city.

Apply this to anything. Things happen one by one. One helps another. That one helps another. And that one helps another. The stamina and growth of a community cannot happen in one swoop,like superman saving a whole city from invading androids.

Does a child learn morals and manners through constant telling, or through patient modeling one incident at a time?

Does a drug addict get better being part of a large needy group being lectured to or thrown in jail like a criminal or through relating with a fellow addict who is in the process of recovering too?

Is it a waste of time for one person to teach only one?

Can self-growth happen in one giant step?

What about a crash diet instead of long-term self-denial in little bits?

Can a TV series in one long binge satisfy more than one episode at a time?

What about eating a whole cookie in one big bite, instead of enjoying every flavorful crumble at a time?

Can a lightening trip with a destination in mind deter the enjoyment of moments along the way?

Is reading a book in order to get to the end better than savoring the words and thoughts?

Progress in our city is hand to hand, mind to mind, and heart to heart. Slow, thoughtful and deliberate.