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I Can only Imagine

I heard the song in the car, I Can Only Imagine by Susan Boyle. So what does that mean to me? I like knowing there is a heaven. I am glued to what Jesus’ own prayer says “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done."

If I don’t believe in God, does that mean he doesn’t really exist? Truth is truth. He can exist and we can believe it or not believe it. If I believe in God, and he doesn’t exist then it was all in my imagination.

OK, is there a God? I believe, yes. He is here, there, and everywhere, yesterday, today and forever. The timeless one has placed himself in time and he overflows everywhere for us to see. Often we only see in part.

He gives me ears to hear and eyes to see.

Look at the rivers... they flow. The waterfalls come, pouring their beauty over the whole earth. The trees lift their umbrellas of leaves high over our heads. The mighty pines point straight up. The sun rises and pours out its colors in a new way every day. Evening colors float across the sky and into our hearts.

What a great hope. I can only imagine what his eternal unconditional love is. I cannot conceive of his big plan. If it weren’t so big, I might understand a little. My mind cannot grasp even what I can see – the heights and depths of land and sea….and….the depths of me.

In the same way, our blood flows through miles of arteries and veins, miraculously making us alive. The muscles work with the nerves and tendons to create a fleshy machine that can accomplish wonderful feats.

The seas go so deep that there are things we have never seen.

The universe is so huge that we don’t see an end. There is always more to discover.

Pretty amazing. Some things my mind I cannot grasp, but I know it is good.

God, himself, has blown His life and spirit in me and everywhere. He has breathed his breath of life into all of us. Hmmmm, this puts things in perspective. .