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Inside a Piece of Art

Today, I found myself bouncing around inside what I considered a piece of modern art. My friend, Cindy, and I found ourselves at a Tru Hilton (a new concept in affordable practicality for hotels) in Portland, Maine. I don't know why I felt so comfortable with every step I took around the place. Nothing fancy...There was color and shapes and textures. There was no framed art on the walls. The walls "became" art and each wall was a part of the entire piece. The blind on the large window became art. The simple lines and shapes of the furniture played their part. Everything in its bold arrangement was practical. Our room was white, yellows and oranges defined against gray walls. The simple bed covers stood out white and clean. Long counters formed lines. Even the ironing board was hanging in perfect view along with a line of pipe that held hangers. It was part of the design. Hooks on the walls were incorporated into the decor.

I still consider nature and trees and beaches the best pieces of art to walk around in. But outdoor Maine was cold .. So do I like walking around, as a kinetic piece of art, in a piece of modern art exploding with color? Yes. My brain let go.