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Perched between Two Stout Wings

I love birds. In fact, I have often wondered what it would be like to be one. I was sitting perched between the hard heavy metallic wings of an airplane, flying from Detroit to Indy, sketching what I saw out my window. I looked around me. There were alot of people on the plane. How did we all learn to trust that we could get from here to there on a huge contraption with wings and propellers. I am thinking about how much weight is carried by this mode of transportation in the sky.

"What is trustworthy?" I asked myself. Is anyone totally safe?

Not hardly.

Can I even trust myself to walk down the street without falling?

Dare I trust that my heart will continue beating for a long time?

I could try.

I CAN trust in the beat my heart is making in this moment.

I CAN trust in what I see one blink at a time.

I CAN trust one sound at a time that reaches my ears.

Are "what ifs" OK? I would say so.

But I am focusing on "what is" right now. I am a small part of a bigger picture. I exist between the beginning and the end. God is the beginning and the end (whatever that means)

God is eternal

I dwell in Him. "What if" I didn't?!