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Ten years ago, it was said that there were 10,000 google searches per day. Now, it has been calculated that there are 40,000 searches PER SECOND! I recently heard Jaime Casap speak at Ball State. He started Google aps for education 13 years ago. He is the one responsible for launching 30 million chrome books into our educations systems. Having come out of poverty, he has seen that technology equalizes opportunities for every student. The "whole world" is at the fingertips of every individual. Each can learn in the moment. Questions can be answered as the questions come up. Kids are finding that they don't have to be experts to be able to know alot. The information that can be gathered in seconds can be quickly put to use with ORIGINAL thoughts. There is opportunity for critical thinking and comparison of facts. There are opportunities to collaborate with others in solving problems using a collage of information from the internet.

As I listened to Casap, I realized I had been holding back any excitement I could possibly have for this thing that has taken over our world - technology. It is here to stay and it can make a world of difference if we can embrace it with the right mindset. I heard Jaime say that in the 1800s when electricity was just starting to be used, it was called a fad and it took 50 years to see the potential and catch on and now it is an integral part of our lives.

Educational skills that will be most helpful to build in Generation Z are things like creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. Since facts are readily available, jamming brains up with facts is not effective. They can use their minds to do something with the facts they pull up online. One idea calls for another and another. There is no end to what you can find out and then let your mind go wild using the world of information. Casap's encouragement to students to to find a problem to solve and then go after it. Find blogs, you tube videos, and google searches to find out what has been done and then bounce off of that. And most importantly talk face to face with people. Make sure it is something YOU want to solve.

This, for me, is stretching my own thinking. Instead of just taking in videos and facts, I can start doing something with what I am learning. Blogging is one of those things. As an art teacher, I am wondering how my teaching needs to change to help kids navigate the 21st century.

After hearing the presentation, I am being challenged to embrace what is here and not wish for the olden days when I got to memorize the presidents and the states, etc. Everybody already has that information is the blink of an eye. With what we have, I can use my brain and my experiences to constantly think of ways of intelligently using the facts.

The last thing that was emphasized was that each person has unique experiences. If you own who you are in your thinking and experiences and background, you have something to offer the world. No one has more than another. It is just different. Being together and selecting information for the right time and place on google is very productive.

I found Jaime Casap's video and it is similar to the talk I heard at BSU. Take a look.