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Yeehaw, Yuhas

A carpet of miniature flowers, all colors and shapes welcomed me as I stepped into the wonderland of Yuhas Forest Preserve. It is part of Redtail Land Conservancy and is being kept and shut off for wildlife. I got to walk these regal trails with Kim, a Redtail employee. This piece of wooded land was bought at a farm auction with the help of the Yuhas's and others who donated. They saw it as gold! I see it that way too.

Kim and I walked up to the gate and stood there quietly soaking in the sacred moment of nature as we watched the Brown Thrashers circle around in the trees. As we walked in, the birds were hiding from view, but we heard sounds of Wrens, Redwing Blackbirds, Cardinals and more.

What seemed like a tall grayish stand of trees that many of us would overlook as we drove by. When we walked in, we got a closer look seeing new things at our feet with each step. The place was teeming with Spring Beauties almost open, Jack-in-the-Pulpits, young and youthful green May Apples, Trillium, Violets, and a multitude of other specimens.

I marvel at nature and what it is doing right now. I like watching the green creep up from the sapplings to the tops of the tall trees and how the leaves open almost overnight. I watch on tiptoe. I told Kim that Redtail Conservancy is one of my favorite things about Muncie. Art and nature are valued here. It is deep and rich. My goal this summer is to help pull wild mustard in the woods and to get out there as muc as possible to do some plein air painting. I am so glad for warm weather