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Culture Raises Its Own Children

No one has anything to say about the culture they are raised in. Overall, mankind in all cultures has a bend toward selfishness and a desire for personal power. Likes gang up with likes and receive validation. "Gang up?" Maybe I should say "group together"...."hang out". It is the normal thing to do.

If we lived in a dream world, every walk of life and every culture would be accepted and appreciated. There would be open communication. That is not the way it happens. My life has been spent in various strata. For my growing up years, I hung out with the Sunday School kids, the ones with the white Jesus. I was middle class. As I stepped out into the world of cultural division in a large public high school, I saw new ways. New and different didn't necessarily mean "bad". But I felt separate. As I went to college, I saw the perils of exclusivity, as I joined a sorority. I felt separate and I didn't like it. When I started using my teachers degree, I taught in a small town that was "tight". I was a stranger. Everyone else was related and connected, except for me. I was in an apartment next to another teacher who was new in town, thank God. When I got married and had a family, I experienced what it was like to not be able to pay bills, at least until our business grew. And over a period of time, I found myself amongst the privileged. We were able to put our kids in a private school and also pay for college educations. The business world brought with it exclusivity in social activities and a nice house on a golf course.

I am now in the realm of the divorced and single, which I have learned to love because, in my singleness, I can explore all the "differents".

I had seldom really experienced African American, Indian, Chinese, etc, because I was not born into those cultures. I have always been hungry to learn life from the perspective of being in other cultures. Because I had an empty nest, I started taking in internationals to stay in my home. As a result I had extended stays in their home countries, close up and intimate. My eyes have been opened to diversity and I can't shut them. I appreciate differences. I also am more than aware of what differences cause when you try to mix them. There are huge misunderstandings. I don't really know people unless I interact with them and listen carefully. If there are chasms that seem uncrossable, there is a need for open hearts. Have I been misunderstood. Who knows? Probably most of the time.

Culture raises its own children. Every culture is precious and different. Not bad or good. It is what we do "individually" with what we were born into and appreciate the unique circumstances we find ourselves in.