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Toilet Paper is Not White

A little pink, a little yellow, some lavender and maybe green. Shine some light on a roll of this soft white-looking necessity and you will see colors. I painted with my artist group today and we were encouraged to paint a roll of toilet paper. Our seasoned teacher said she had done it as exercise many times over the years just to train her eyes.

Light is made up of every color. White reflects all colors that are in the sunlight. Now when I paint all the things that are white, like clouds, snow, or white anything in my paintings, I will look for the colors that make up white.

I get happy when I experience color. It is something I feel that I have to have. I will not ever look at white as plain again.

Think of the depths of color that it picks up when it does its job!

Toilet paper, clean and white

Full of color, what a site.

Draping roundly on the wall

Doing the important to all.

May get brown, yellow, or even chartreuse

Flush it down. There's no reuse!