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Wait 40 Days

Last week I was looking for Bachelor Buttons, bright blue flowers that shine in the sun and wave in the breeze. I can't stand the idea of no blue in my garden, so I hunted in several nurseries, and there were none to be found. I looked at the seed display and there they were with a brilliant picture on the front.

I took them home and planted them along the side of my house according to instructions.

As I perused the packet it said that I would get beautiful blooms in 40 days.

"Wait a minute, 40 days?"

I wondered how I could wait that long. It would be the middle of the summer! I am in the mood for blue now! Now!

I thought about how quickly I can fulfill my yearning for hamburger from a fast food place. If it wasn't fast, I would silently complain. I also thought about how quickly I can get a cool air-conditioned house when I want it. When I order a book from Amazon, I get it the next day at my door step. If I can't wait that long, I can order it from Kindle and start reading it within seconds. The computer answers quickly my curious mind with answers any questions I have.

My neighbor planted skinny Maple tree starts about 10 inches tall to form a barrier across her back yard.

"Oh, how many years to make a tree?"

"That's OK," my patient neighbor casually answered.

I can't do anything but wait for the most valuable things. What about total ownership of my house? I completed a 20 year mortgage to be free and clear. I have planned a vacation to Greece. It is months away. I would like to go now, but it takes time to make preparations to get off work, to read up and plan, and to save money. I believe it will be worth the wait.

What about friendships? I can meet people quickly with a single "hello". A friendship can happens with months of doing things together. A genuine friendship takes years and it is worth the time it takes.

I have a habit that I want to eradicate - the habit of being late. It cannot happen just by wanting it. I have to practice preparing ahead so I can get places on time. Conquering this habit is worth the time. I can be patient with my growth.

Yesterday, an 8 year old friend told me he wanted to be a grown-up now.

"Enjoy your days as a kid. You have quite a while to wait" I quipped, as most adults would have responded.

"I could have just as much fun as an adult," he spontaneously said. Hmmm, maybe so.

Why does it take so long for a wound, or a broken bone to heal? I don't know but it does heal, in time, and the gratitude flows when it finally happens.

Nine months can bring a baby. It seems long to wait for, but considering the end product, that is a 9 month miracle!

How long does it take God to answer an earnest prayer? He does it at a perfect pace because of a bigger picture he has in mind. As I look back, I can see answers to prayer. It has taken me a life time to gradually understand "grace" and "unconditional love". My mind and understanding through life's hard knocks, slowly got bigger.

There is a proverb that speaks volumes.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." (Proverbs 13:12 from the Bible)

Waiting brings gratitude and joy. Maybe that is why waiting is a very good thing! If it is a good thing, then maybe I can count it as such and learn to wait. That may take a lifetime!