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A Happy Line of People

So many things can happen, even amongst strangers. I think people are the most exciting part of creation. They can move, think, play, work, and converse. And there are so many varieties.

Today I was in the dentist's waiting room. I was alone and on my phone. A gentleman came in and sat down and kinda stared at the floor. I made myself put my phone down to see if a conversation might start.

"So....the sun finally came out." I ventured. This turned into a conversation about farmers and when I found out he wasn't a farmer, he told me about all his years in the education system. This turned into a fun time-passing banter of ideas and what we each believed could help the school system.

"Well, that was fun," I thought. AND it gave the dentist time to prepare his chair and all his tools.

Then there was a long line to get my prescription at the pharmacy. I didn't feel like waiting and I didn't want people to see my face because of my cock-eyed mouth, crooked from the dental work. I stood there for a few minutes until I heard one man project his voice to a man toward the front.

"Hey, how's your son doing?"

The whole line heard this wonderful story of a young man who had been healed of a horrible disease.

"Let me tell you about my daughter." Another person from the center of the line was speaking.

Every person in the line became involved in this uplifting conversation that transpired. There were acknowledgements, nods, and affirmations. No one seemed to care if the line was moving at that point. I even forgot that my mouth was crooked.

The importance of what people have to say is what brings people together. Learning the art of conversation and being open in the moment is important.