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A Silent Walk

What seems silent at first, may be full of sounds. I, along with some other community members, went on a listening nature walk at John Craddock Wetlands. One of the first things we did was sit for twenty minutes of silence with eyes closed just to listen to the rise and fall of bird sounds, the harmony of the breezes and the bugs, and try to hear cosmic and beyond! Sitting for 20 minutes listening to nature’s symphony was a bit of heaven to me. There was also beauty in being in a group of 15 to 20 people with none of them making a sound.

Then we walked the paths of the preserve in slow motion walking and silence. Our leader called it meditative walking. You become aware of every step as you listen for every sound. There is no destination. You are only aware of each step you are taking and processing the moment. It made me think of how we see the sun glide through the sky. It follows the same predictable path and is never in a hurry. It was a good feeling just to “be” and not feel like I had to get somewhere. I enjoyed every bit of it.

My 8 year old friend, Annie, went with me to this event. She took to the long silence like a duck to water. She was the only kid there and she flowed beautifully with nature, taking it all in. I gave the suggestion to our leader to do an all-kid listening nature tour. They would love it….as something they have not done before….especially the slow pace. SLOOOOOOOOW and nice.