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Eyes That See


"Please Mimmy, read the Bible."

When Keegan, my 6 year old grandsn first said that, it was like music to my ears. I had told him some fascinating stories a while back, about Jonah being swallowed in a big fish and engulfed in digestive juices for 3 days. He also has heard about Noah and the huge boat that held his favorite animals and hundreds more. He could also tell you the story of Adam and Eve.

"OK, I'll tell you a story. It will be about a guy, Peter, who got locked up in a jail and an angel got him out."

"No, I don't want you to TELL it. I want you to READ it - from your BIBLE."

We read about Paul and I, of course, read it with natural enthusiasm. I replaced some of the words with easier words to understand and elaborated on the details. His little eyes were bouncing around, like he was watching a movie in his brain. And they were bright. He didn't want me to stop. I ended up reading another jail story, a stoning story, the story about Paul going blind and hearing the voice of Jesus. I read to him about the time there were flames on top of people's heads, when the Holy Spirit came down.

It made me joyful because as I told it, I started seeing it through his eyes, as if I were hearing it for the first time!

"Mimmy, why do you like the Bible so much?"

"I can count on it to be true," I said, "because it is written by God. I love God and I want to read his words so I can know him better. Also, I don't get tired of the stories. There are alot of them and the more I read them, the more excited I get."

He seemed to "get it".