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January 10, 2020



Good things can happen with goof-ups.  This is a picture of my family in the house I lived in for several years.  I want to talk about the walls.  Look past the faces this time.


The house was decorated Victorian with French Provincial wood, red carpet and floral wall paper.  It was very beautiful.  I was ready to make it my own, so I pulled up the red carpets exposing beautiful warm hardwood floors, and stripped wall paper. 


The wall paper for my dining room  was back-ordered for a long time.  I decided to have some fun with my stripped and already sized walls.  I was newly single and there were many people of all ages in and out of my home.  I kept green and turquoise paint handy and asked for a single handprint from every person who came.  They signed them.  The room was full of life.  To tie the hands together, I printed my hand using a taupe paint in a haphazard pattern overlapping to soften the greens.  Needless to say, I cancelled the wall paper and enjoyed the wall that had evolved for several years.  It was happy.


I have found that when I am open to new ideas, I can step out and discover something new and fresh and exciting.



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