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Paint on Water

What promotes that "community" feeling when people get together? There must be commonality around a certain "something". It could be playing games, people discussing a book, or people with the same interests sharing opinions.

The most enjoyable thing to share together is a meal. We all have a need for food. Whether it be bean soup in bowls around a kitchen table or steak gourmet dinners at a restaurant, something magical happen. People interact and share.

I have found that art works in the same way. At my family Christmas gathering, I brought supplies for paper marbling. It was a tray with thickened water and water based paint in squeeze bottles that we dabbed at random on the surface of the water. We shared in color favorites and also what we saw in the paint. My favorite piece was the yellow flowers with red leaves. My daughter-in-law started it with the red and she willingly let me do the flowers. Everyone was happy. It was one at a time but there were faces staring down at the water as we watched each one be stirred into shape before the paper was imprinted with the paper. There was laughter, and fun.

"I like the way mine came out!" I heard over and over.

We were all warmed up and ready for a meal together the comraderie was unusually good that evening.

The next day, the neighbor kids were at my house. We did more.

The next day, I took them to an art group for recovering drug addicts. We did more.

The next week, I took them to art classes at school. We did more.

It is ready to go for the next round whenever there is an opportunity. Opportunities are abundant.

Here is what I used. It is easier and probably cheaper like this, in kit form.