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Steps in the Snow

Step by step

Making my mark

Cool gray air

Pure virgin snow

Following tracks

Of wandering deer


What leads their steps

Follow to see their ways

In nature?

No. Just curious.

I have a gravel path

That leads me.

Will anyone follow?

Also a spiritual path.

Not alone

With God.

Will anyone follow?

I woke up this morning to a driveway and a yard blanketed with snow. I decided to shovel the snow off my driveway so I could go to the woods and get the full experience. I walked through Durtro-Ernst Woods, a preserve near my house. I walked through hidden prairie grass, past gray frozen ponds, and tiesel that looked like fruitful cotton plants. The beauty of WHITE stirs my heart. It also heals my heart, as I remember that God has looked at "my dirt" and covered it with white by Jesus' sacrifice. That is a touch one to figure out, so I don't try. Forgiveness, freedom, peace, and a powerful understanding that there is more of me in the mirror than meets the eye. God himself has led me to know that it is true!


Muncie, Indiana

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