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Gnats, Frogs and Flies

Yesterday, I read the story of the plagues on Pharoah of Egypt in the book of Exodus. My grandson (age 6) wanted me to read it to him. I told him no because we only had 20 minutes and it is a very long story. So I told it to him. I still didn’t get to the end when all the first born were dying before his mom picked him up. The whole ordeal of the plagues... plagues my mind.

This morning I was thinking about the hopelessness in the world and all the things that are happening that are out of our control. We think we have control of things and it just gets worse because we are human and can’t see God's vision. I was imagining the Israelite nation wanting to be free from horrible slavery, back when Moses was called to rescue them. Moses didn’t know what he was getting into. God told him the end result, that it would be good and then he told him to just do what he told him to do. And then He watched God destroy Pharoah’s kingdom with clouds of gnats, and millions of slimy frogs, and flies. That is not even half of it. It went on and on. Pharoah was headstrong.

So, when I think about the world and the horrendous things that are happening, I feel helpless to do anything. And I wring my hands and I wish, and then I think about trying to do something, just anything. Then I remember that God has the end. He has promised a new heaven and a new earth. What comes in at this pointis daunting. He is telling me to listen to him and to follow while he does his thing in me, as a small piece of the whole plan He’s doing it and now I, along with my fellow believers, am walking it out in the midst of the questions, and sometimes doubt and fear. Why is “believing” so hard? My battle is in my mind and spirit.

All things that are out of order, from the things I battle to the issues of this world are dealt with creatively by God in his time. Sometimes it is fast. Sometimes it is slow. I have to let go, and LET God.

I think I will take the time to read that story again out, to my grandson and then we can watch the Walt Disney version. The message comes through loud and clear in that.

"Sing to the Lord for he is highly exalted. The horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea."

From a song the Israelites sang after they crossed the Red Sea. Exodus 9:21