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Praying at Morrow's Meadow

“I’m so scared,” I said emphatically, as I walked at Morrow’s Meadow.

As usual, I have thoughts mixed with prayer all day long. I am observing those prayers as they erupt out of my soul.

“God help us.

Prepare us for whatever is next.

These are life and death situations.

“What if…. What if…..”

All I can do is be honest with myself and God. Even tho I would like to put on my happy face and say "All is well.", I remind myself that it is not "all pie in the sky". My life is in Jesus and his Spirit is within me. I have hope. I pray for those who haven’t had the opportunity of even understanding the the hope from God that resides in those who have trusted in God. His peace is residing in me beyond the noise of my thoughts and the world news.

As I walked some more, my prayers rose up for my family and friends.

“I pray for the whole world.”

I remembered that Jesus gave himself for the WHOLE world. I feel the connections, especially now. I am aware we are all in this together.

“God I don’t know what you are doing now. I know you to be totally right and good, all-powerful, gracious, all peace and all love.”

I know that right well. I have experienced God bringing me through painful times, faithfully. And always.

My prayers are straight and to the point and as honest as I can get. I have heard story after story of suffering. I pray for each person I can think of going through sickness, job loss, kid problems, boredom and isolation. My daughter-in-law is going through surgery, as I write this.

“God what can I do?”

I think I hear God speak to my heart.

“You can’t control a thing. Let go. Let go and allow me to do my work. My work happens in a different time and a different way that your time and way.”

I thought about more people I could call and share together. I thought about loving myself and taking care of what I needed to do at home.

“But what’s next?” My prayers proceeded.

I am then reminded that really I have never had control of ANYTHING, in the good times or the bad! That is sobering. Then I remember my two prayers that I pray almost every day, sometimes more than once.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

My whole outlook changes with that prayer.

The other prayer? It’s the Lord’s prayer.

“They kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” And that is only part of it. The rest is powerful and covers it all. Pray it with me.