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Loved by Three Friends

I feel special, today. I didn't feel that way when I woke up. I really did not have a plan and I didn't feel like doing art. I just felt alone. Ugh. The phone rang in that moment. It was Paula, my good friend. I clung to our conversation. A human voice! (I live alone and I am disciplining myself to stay home). I am used to saying "I gotta run." I always have someplace to go. We talked comfortably for an hour. Then we parted.

The phone rang again! Now I really feel special. I had my coffee over our hour-long conversation with Julia, a friend who I don't talk to very often, who lives in Michigan. We spontaneously got involved talking about John 16 in the Bible. So encouraging. Jesus was left alone to be crucified and he had to walk it out by himself. He told the disciples that they would be scattered, each to his own house, but they would not be alone because he would give them is Spirit. Bingo. That hit my heart. Thank you, Julia!

I hung up and started to write my blog. Then my cousin, Kristin, from Florida called.

"I called you to see how you are and to provide encouragement."

"Thank you!"

I put my creative endeavors away for a more opportune time and did what was most important. I related to another special person. We both like books so that is what we talked about for quite awhile.

Spontaneous. That is good. God knows what I need and he provides it. I need interaction and people.

Over the past couple of days, I have been initiating phone calls. This was a pleasure to know that I am thought of and special.

I don't feel "ugh" right now. I feel fulfilled. People. "Ahhhhhhhh"