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Singing Frogs

I was walking by myself on the trail through the Craddock Wetlands trying to escape the virus. I heard an ethereal sound on a warm April day and found myself standing by a large wet area with tall grasses and saw moving concentric circles. Then I saw legs and frog shapes. I watched and listened, mesmerized by the orchestral sounds. Bird songs were added to the frog songs and I didn't want to leave. It calmed me.

All of a sudden I realized I was not alone. Two teen boys zoomed through on their bikes with loud "head-banging" music. Ouch. That hurts. That would be enjoyable inside a big room where we could all romp and dance but what a clash. I wanted to jump out of my skin.

My first thought was that they were invading this precious sanctuary. I really don't know what the frogs thought. I put my finger to my lips and tried to get them to stop and look and hear, and one stopped for a minute. "I can see you are excited about those frogs. That's nice." That was kind of him.

Then I laughed. What a contrast. Nature's noise and our manufactured noise. Then I was on my way. I'll be back, but the noises will continue to change as the days go by. The noises of nature are deep and lovely.