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A Healing Agent

Everything feels different. We are isolated from one another, yet together with the whole world. On top of that, I was in a bike accident that has really thrown me off kilter. It has caused me to do alot of thinking and journaling. I am getting back to art, now that I am healing.

Art is a healing agent. I need it and I am constantly touting its effects to anyone who will listen. My art is not necessarily art to be hung on the wall. It is an emotional release. It is in the moment. I have not wanted anyone to teach me art, because I wanted to do my own thing. That is, until I got drawn into a group of artists who painted with an inspiring mentor. She opened her big workshop and shares her easels and her sometimes needed supplies. We, of course, bring all our "stuff" and work with her. I say "with" because she models what an artist does. She models growth, originality, courage to try new things, and openness to every kind of art. We do not try to do her style. We can't. We grow in the character traits she models and the art principles she asks us to practice and individualized art erupts.

I am healed through art. As I learn to totally be myself in my art, and not necessarily do it a specific way, I am free. I have not always felt that free. Now, I like myself and I like my art. I don't show off. I show who I am in my art. I am not afraid to show it, even if it doesn't follow what others might consider specific principles. It is something anyone can do. It can be childlike. It can be explosive or emotional. Art is life.

The above picture is by Bridget, a woman who exudes life and gratitude. She has been free from addiction for 13 years. Here is a spontaneous picture of her zest for life. The growing flower and grass are symbols of her growth. She wants to inspire others through her life, her words, and her creativity.

God created. I am made in his image. I create.


Muncie, Indiana

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