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Being Free

I recently realized that good art comes out of who you are. It is not to show off. It exposes the heart. It is sharing. And most of all it helps you know who you are.

These are things that I want to pass on to those with whom I interact. Not only with those who call themselves artists, but with everyone. Every individual has the ability to create something. It can be a pretty table setting, or how your dress. It can be how you arrange a garden, or writing poetry. It is how you put a meal together. It could be a multitude of things.

In this, we share who we are with others and they share who they are with us. It is a necessity for emotional fulfillment, I believe. Art can be shared everywhere, in any form and can be particularly important during this pandemic. We have to find creative ways of being together, though we are not. It is a time to come alive in wonder of who God created us to be.

One of my favorite times of the week is "zooming" art with those who are in the beginning stages of drug recovery. They are in community with one another in a house recovery center. There is joy in creating desserts, cutting each other's hair, journaling, and doing visual art out of the depth of their souls. They have alot to say in their poetry and their art. Honestly, I believe recovering from clinging addictions forms strong people who have a huge part in changing our world. They have tons of gratitude, strength of character, honesty, dependence on their Higher Being, and an understanding of community. They mentor one another and they grow by leaps and bounds.

The above drawing is drawn, by Matt, a recovering addict. He has a detailed style and likes to draw. This one has a message and he wanted to do it even in more detail but I encouraged him to leave it at this. It is spontaneous and fresh just the way it is. He was open to sharing it for others to enjoy.

Thanks, Matt. You are an inspiration.


Muncie, Indiana

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