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Makes Better Cakes

From the time I was little, my grandma used this aluminum cup measure. My mother used it and now it is in my flour cannister. It must be over a hundred years old. Who knows how much it was used before Grandma. I found out that Swan's Down flour started in 1894 in Evansville, Indiana. My Grandma was born in Indiana in the 1886. It must have come into the family early in her life.

When my mother died, I wanted one thing that I knew I would use every day and that would continue to bear up even with its dents. I was looking at the inscription: SWAN'S DOWN - CAKE FLOUR - MAKES BETTER CAKES.

I feel the love and I have the memories, and I make cake, and cookies and even bread.

Presently, I am in isolation because of the Corona Virus. It has made me think of the little things I am thankful for. Like knowing how to make bread and knowing how to conserve and be creative in how I live.

I had the flashback of my grandma washing every plastic bread bag and sandwich bag and hanging them above the sink to dry and we used them over and over. I remember all the socks that she darned and darned, socks that I would throw away in this day of prosperity. I thought about her meager style of living. She had what she needed and she was careful with all of it.

I still make plain jiggly colorful JELLO in memory of her. It was my favorite thing she made and she made it alot. My other made it - usually lime but she souped it up with cottage cheese and pineable. Now my grandson gets to enjoy it, because I make it alot. I put it in the form of finger jello. Can you feel the love that has flowed through the generations?

I don't want to forget the simple things in life. At this point, it is all coming to the surface. In critical times, things change. I change.