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Whole and Free

"We are meant to be whole and free." I agree with Doyle's statement. How do you meet that goal. According to Glennon Doyle, the author of the best-seller Untamed (a 5 star book), you listen to your soul and you live it out and you "don't let anyone dismiss what your soul knows." My soul knows its own depravity and my soul is made whole by allowing that to be erradicated by sacrificially following Jesus, and not the whims of my soul.

In the long night After my bike accident, I turned on Untamed in audio form. It is a New York bestseller – 5 stars. I listened most of the night. I got pulled in to a philosophy that sounds absolutely beautiful and Glennon’s creative way of talking about it using her life anecdotes is vibrant like the cover of her book.

She is an artistic writer. Her basic premises do not match up with mine. This book has enough truth to be dangerous. I loved the book until I got half-way into it. It is a world philosophy that your soul naturally knows what is right for you and you should do it with all your heart. "Don't let anyone dismiss what your soul knows," she says.

Doyle claims to believe in God and even talks about Jesus. According to the truth within God’s Word –the Bible – the overpowering message to me is that God, who made me, demands a strong step that goes against my natural soul. It is self-denial and a total embracing of the God’s spirit which comes to live within to guide me in this difficult walk on earth. Stepping out in this truth, I have learned myself and I love myself. The unredeemed soul (or heart) is deceitful above all things (according to the Bible). We are born with a natural desire to self-serve and believe what we want.

Glennon puts down organized religion and I agree that it is a man-made institution and I really don’t like it either. It is confining and stale. I am part of a spiritual body of believers – worldwide believers, who are going through trials that God said we would face. But it is with the truth of being one with Christ and knowing He is walking with me. Knowing forgiveness, wholeness, peace and freedom. It is a difficult calling. He says I am his temple and his spirit does not connect with fleshly whims. I do not want to taint that by willingly going against what He represents – Holiness.

Glennon speaks about her pain in finding herself. She finds the ultimate, for her, in sexual fulfillment was to take a wife and be happy. She can speak her truth, but my truth is precious to me and it felt walked on. Much of her book is about the importance of having rights as a women, not only sexually, but in the workplace, in marriage, and in child-bearing. I agree that women have been dwindled over the years and much of it has been in the name of religion. I think that is changing and some good things are happening.

Glennon claims to be a believer. How can she say she wants her own way if the light of God has shown in her soul?

As for me? I will continue to know myself as God shines his light on my soul. I will walk freely in his truth, even though it is hard. I will pray. Untamed? Yes! I do not want the tame and shallow outlook that I am my own God. I want to be untamed to follow the LIVING GOD, who knows everything and is present everywhere and has made a way for me to become free and whole, and totally fulfilled. I owe everything to HIM.