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The Author of Every Moment

I'm a writer and an artist. There is not alot of effort when I do either of these things. But, I crave it. I love it. It is invigorating. Art happens most often, for me, during tumultuous phases in my life. The art I did in the worst times of my life is especially meaningful and bright. Art from 15 years ago, from my divorce time, is still hanging on my wall. I don't get tired looking at it. It shows the vibrancy within me in spite of the grief. I wrote my first children's book in response to pain, but it has become a favorite for many because of its light-heartedness.

How can this be? I believe that because of my emotional upheaval, there was a subconscious hope, God's presence that came out subconsciously in the spiritual act of creativity. In my better times, when I try to push creative ideas to the surface, the result appears stilted and I end up putting it in my collection of art hidden in my closet.

I recently read a quote from my Bible Study Fellowship notes:

"God is always the ever-present author, director and hero of every moment."

God is the master artist of all. More than that, he continues to create moment by moment in time. He is in all of our moments. Totally. That means all the time! He is also the ultimate as a director. All the time! And, He is our hero.

Meditating on the word "hero", I see the mess we ended up in. This earthly mess, most evident in the Coronovirus, brings out the need for a hero. There has always been a hero. God, our hero, and I recognize him in that role as I believe and exercise faith. It is not all about total release from this virus, but a release from ourselves and sin, and developing faith. My Bible Study notes continue to say:

"God maintains a sovereign, individual relationship to each person. Only God determines if, when, how and where His presence is manifestly experienced or acknowledged as omnipresent through faith.6 Each person finds full meaning for existence by glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. By grace through faith, God makes His presence plain through giving new life, faith and His indwelling Spirit to all who will believe Jesus Christ. God’s children believe God. They bear witness to His presence by depending on the Holy Spirit to produce fruitfulness that benefits all involved."

I have grasped hold of this throughout my life. In order to have a hero, there has to be a dire situation. We have both right now. Let's recognize that he is totally present and totally caring. Caring enough to rescue our souls.