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She Forgot to Feed Her Cat

This is a famous painting. Edvard Munch is the artist. He painted the same painting many times with different colors and different techniques. To look at it triggers an emotion.

"What is this screaming about?"

I asked a similar question of all the students at St. Lawrence Catholic School, through online teaching.

"I think she is a cry baby."

"She forgot to feed her dog."

"A wall collapsed, pushing water toward her."

"She knew someone was following her."

And my favorite.....

"He was feeling different than other artists that make fun pictures or pictures of babies. He's not that good at making that kind of art, so he made his own art of how he was always feeling."

From looking at his other pictures, he was talented and could paint detailed works of art, but I believe this kid has it right. He painted a feeling.

Most artists of his time did not distinguish a feeling apart from a painting of a specific person.

The most important thing I reaped from reading the responses, was that children take things at face value. They don't complicate things. In, this case, they didn't relate it to a huge cataclismic tragedy. This scream is the kind they have observed when they see things like forgetting things, or a fear of being followed, or just being a cry baby and screaming about nothing.

All of us can relate to this picture. There seems to be no gender is this painting, but all of us, male or female, can relate to the emotion on this face. The artist wanted us to feel it, not just look at it and analyse why it is famous.

I do hope this scream stops at some point. I am also glad that it is not hanging on my wall!