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What's Next?

Think, think, think. I have been doing that alot lately. There is nothing wrong with that. There is a question I ask myself again and again.

"What's next?"

I have said it my whole life. I heard it alot. What's next after 1st grade? Second grade? (Maybe) What's next after I eat my spinach? Dessert? (Maybe) What's next weatherwise? Sunshine? (Maybe) What's next after I read this book? Another good book? (Maybe)

"What's next?" The coronovirus has given us 2 months of wondering. Scientists can predict. (Maybe) Government can make successful plans for ending the quarantine. (Maybe)

Last night, I read too many articles. Every one of them said something different. And none of them said what I wanted to hear. I was concerned and called a friend. I was wanting answers I could not have. Who is right? Only time will tell. My friend reminded me that we do know what's next in the eternal world. Both being believers, we knew that God would make everything right in the end, whenever that is. And better, yet, we know that God is the beginning, the end, and the inbetween. His presence. Yes!!!!

In the meantime? I can know that many good things will happen and also lots of bad things. It's a given. We, as people, have been through gruelling war, destructive hurricanes, and confounding earthquakes. Individually, we experience the untimely death of a loved ones, abuse, divorce, addictions, loss of assets, terrible accidents and disease. We aim for comfort and safety and have more than enough.

I have pondered about my father when he got drafted into WW II. One day he was carefree. The next day he was headed into war. He didn't know that he would be thrown into turmoil driving a tank in Germany and sleeping in fields on and off for several years? What did he do? The only thing he could do. He made his way through it. I think about Grandma and her times during the depression that went on and on. There was no room for comfort or buying anything extra. They struggled to buy what they needed. She couldn't have predicted this when she got married and had kids and a relatively happy life.

The good things are times with families, friends, parties, the birth of babies, dogs, vacations, a dream car or house. Oh, and "love", which is intangible and can fit into everything. When I was married and pregnant, I didn't know what was next. But it was always a joy.....a boy! I didn't know that someday I would be writing blogs and children's books. These are all happy things. And they happen in "the next".

I can predict things, but ultimately, I can never really know what is next. Too much is circumstantial. There is something to be said about the philosophy of living in the moment, and enjoying it.

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."