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Blanketed in Love

Love, sorrow, comfort, sadness, presence and bonding. That is what I experienced in the last days with my mom. My sister gave me these words when she saw the picture, which I did today on mother's day. I did not want the picture to show sorrow too much. The sorrow and pain of walking through Alzheimer's with her seemed long and hard. Much of the sorrow went away after she died. I wanted the picture to show bonding and warmth.

I got the idea from a photo that was taken of her a few months before she died. We were watching blue fireworks on a fall night. It was the reveal party for my first grandchild - A BOY! She loved family and was so excited. Little did we know that she would be gone just days after he was born. He is 7 now.

As I painted this picture, I could almost feel my arms around her again, wrapping a blanket around her and squeezing her tightly. Love always speaks. Painting this picture was a good thing to do on Mother's Day. I really miss her. My tribute to her is that she was sacrificial and loving to all of us kids. She gave and gave and gave. I am remembering and I am full of gratitude.