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Where the wind blows

We are so tossed about by circumstances right now. We want to be free. We want to be out there! I have had to ask God about my response to how much I should get out. I often picture germs like little greedy monsters in the air, and hiding in cracks and corners and popping out to scare me. Guess that is the artist in me. I have heard so many horror stories of what it is like to have the coronovirus.

I need to be able to walk out my door and not be scared.

I have given myself the boundary of not being in a closed up room with anyone for more than a couple of minutes. I have given myself the freedom of running and talking and interacting outside. I don't need the indoors. Unless I can talk people into coming out and socializing with me in the rain or in cold weather. I am willing to dress for the weather. I just want outdoors. Outdoors, with sunshine is a natural purifier. That seems evident to me. And we have soap and water. What more do we need?

I have been seen regularly over the past few weeks, frisbee throwing and soccer kicking back and forth with my 7 year old grandson. Last week, I flew kites with my neighborkids. It has been fun and interactive, even though I don't allow myself to touch these kids. We wash our hands after we play. I am learning to be creative within my limits. Outside art is great too. Did you know you can fill a squirt bottle up with water and make temporary drawings and designs on a driveway? Very temporary. Thanks to the wind.

Let the sun shine and the wind blow!