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If I have to wear a mask, let it be one I like. I haven't found that yet. This mask parade that we have every day is hard for all of us. When I smile at someone, it can't be seen. Or, maybe it can, when they see a twinkle in my eye. I hope so.

When I see others wearing masks, I know they are trying to care about others. That's good. My own thoughts bounce around and I find myself feeling a little depressed because I miss people and hugs and open faced conversations. My expression comes through the arts and I pulled out a canvas and painted what I thought of Covid 19. People together unable to talk normally or touch.

What I want to say is that we need each other up close and personal. I feel hidden away and shunned. But I'm not. It's just the feeling. It is tragic that we have to wear masks. We do what we have to do as a community. We will get through this


Muncie, Indiana

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