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I got my FB fix this morning and the result was that I didn’t want to do anything except stew, especially about the kids going to school and having to act like soldiers with their mouths covered. No one knows what is right on that.

"I wish I really knew what was going on in the world." I expressed my frustration Paula, my friend and confidante, on the phone.

She expressed hers.

“What can we do….” I said, “to make a difference.”

We can sit around and complain. We can try to figure out the confusion that is unexplainable. We can hole up and never go out. We can drive cars like maniacs and get mad at people right and left about the mask issue or about stores being out of disinfecting wipes.

My friend listened to me and then blurted out.

“I just like the ease of having faith in God. He knows what the big plan is. I can rest.”

I liked the use of the word “ease” It sounded kinda like a car owner that discovered a gadget that made it easier to drive or park or whatever. By the way, did you know that ignition keys were not thought of or used until 1949? Chrysler was thinking of our ease. Personally I like the ease of my remote ignition key. Pretty nice.

Concerning the big plan….that is what keeps me going because I am a follower of Jesus, and though I have anxiety at times, I want the ease of having faith in the one who made everything and has every situation in his hands. The anxiety-producing issued comes from all directions. Life is not easy. So basically, the only thing that calms me is my faith in the God who loves me and will see his plan to the end.

My prayer is for this peace of mind to pervade society. Let’s seek God and seek His truth together.


Muncie, Indiana

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