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And Then

Each of our lives is a story. There is one chapter at a time….and then…..and then.

My life is but a shadow. All I can do is know and love myself unconditionally in my life riddled with mistakes. And love others.

What has grown in me in these Covid times is an appreciation for life and a respect for God. In the meantime, I am hearing God. Silent times are bearing fruit in me. Nature speaks every day. I want summer and bright green to last forever. I can’t even express what I feel about nature….about people. I watch God’s hand all around me in the midst of an uncertain crazy world. I don’t want things to be confused and discombobulated. It may be that way for a long time. Will living get easier in this “shadowland?

I was up early this morning and I watched a movie I had had on the back burner for many years. Slow moving? Yes. Heart-wrenching and thought provoking. Love and loss. A true story with beautiful philosophical statements.

There are hard times. There is grief. There is struggle. There is Covid. There is strife and deceit in government. And then there is God.


Muncie, Indiana

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