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Fly like an Eagle

Recovery from addiction can be a long process. Deciding to get on that road is the key for growth in every area of a person's life. One of my favorite things is to watch people recover.

I do art at Grace Recovery and Wellness Center in Anderson, Indiana. The painting of the eagle was painted by someone who had taken a step toward recover. I watch week after week people heal. I watch God work. I see peace of mind, humility, passion for life, and most of all - gratitude. I notice that all who are there are driven to recover and it is one day at a time.

I, also, have recovered through having a community of others who have family members who deal with drugs. It is ALANON. I once was addicted to an addict, trying to make everything right, and fretting and stewing over every infraction, every lie, every behavior. I gave it up. Now I am somewhat sane.

I know that it is the addict only who can choose change. If change is desired, others can help by directing them to other addicts who have come through the process of acquiring serenity. It is done through treatment - steady, all-encompassing treatment, that is away from the overbearing familiar territory of drug abuse.

I have watched, as former drug addicts have returned into society. They have acquired stamina for everything needed in life. They have a zeal for living and spiritual sensitivity. They make great employees. And many start businesses of their own.

Many won't take the first step because they fear failure. A large number fail, and so that can happen but it should not be a fear. Failure is a part of life. There are second chances in the community of recovering addicts. There is no reason not to take the step. And then to fly like an eagle!


Muncie, Indiana

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